The Website

This website is a resource to accompany the book called ‘The Olympics: The Basics” published by Routledge and written by Professor Andy Miah & Dr Beatriz Garcia.

In 2013, the book was also published in Russian by the Russian International Olympic University.

The site structure is based on the Subject Index for the book, so you will find resources around each of the areas we cover, including links to video clips on YouTube, to IOC resources.

In the months leading up to publication, we will grow this resource, announcing new entries via our Twitter account. So, if you want to keep track of our contents as they grow and keep abreast of some of fascinating aspects of the past Olympics, then follow us on Twitter and you wil automatically receive updates to this website.

Remember, this site only provides links to what we discuss in the book and does not intend to be a comprehensive portal to Olympic issues.

Within this website, we also include information about our upcoming and recent lectures, providing embedded video footage or presentations, when available.

All photography here is our own and is available for use under a Creative Commons Licence in Flickr

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