How the Olympics Occupy a City

» Posted on Jan 12, 2012 in Blog, Chapter II: Society + Identity, Chapter III: Culture + Education

Olympic branding is a complex series of rules that govern that activity of a range of stakeholders, but one of the lesser known facts is that the host city enters into a contract that places considerable ¬†limitations on conventional freedoms during the Games. One example is shown by the image below, depicting a subway station during the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, one of the first to ensure that all billboard space was filled either by an Olympic sponsor or left blank. ¬†Another great example is the ‘Swatch street’, a branding street in Plaka, also during Athens 2004.¬†However, it’s not all official occupation, there’s a lot of ‘soft’ ambush marketing by local businesses during the Games, such as restaurants with Olympic themed menus and shop fronts with Olympic displays.



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